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We are passionate about coffee. We have been roasting coffee in small batches as a personal pursuit for ourselves since 2008, learning the craft of bringing out the very best roast qualities each green coffee has to offer. We then began getting requests from family and friends and with the growing demand and the availability of such outstanding coffee varietals, and the growing interest in specialty coffee, we decided to take the next step to begin providing the world's greatest coffees on a larger scale. That is why we founded Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company.

The name comes, in part, from the local limestone industry, which has produced the world's most premium dimension building limestone. We take our cue from that industry's tradition to be the best coffee roasters we can be and we take that endeavor seriously. Our grandparents worked in these local stone mills and quarrys, in Bedford, Indiana in the early 20th century. And we still live right here in the limestone belt, not far from several active quarries. We are proud of that connection to the stone that built some of this nation's greatest structures, including the Washington Monument, the Empire State Building and the Pentagon to name just a few. We are dedicated to finding the best possible beans and fresh roasting them to perfection for you and we think you will taste the difference. Enjoy!
-Wes and Debi Burton

About Our Roasting Process

We offer great tasting coffees from all over the world, each type specially roasted to highlight its unique characteristics.

We roast in small batches on a custom built fluid bed air roaster, using only electric heat. This means that our roaster passes clean hot air over the beans, and doesn't recycle hot smokey air throughout the roast, like conventional gas-fired drum roasters.

In recent years there has been increased awareness of the benefits of organic foods. This movement has been away from the use of chemicals and pesticides in the production of the foods we consume. This inspired us to move away from conventional gas-fired roasters using petro-chemicals such as natural gas or liquid propane and begin using clean, electric hot air.

Since no combustion process is 100% efficient, with gas-fired drum roasters unburned petro-chemicals and their residues can taint an otherwise enjoyable cup of coffee. Even if you can't taste the petro-chemical residue, it is just a whole lot better if you know it was never in contact with your food in the first place. With our roaster, electrically heated air is the only thing that ever comes into contact with your coffee while we roast it for you, so you can enjoy a pure clean cup.

A better tasting coffee is the result! Give our coffees a try and taste the difference!